Payment Gateway Testing

By | August 25, 2021

In this post I all be discussing about the payment gateways which are being used in the e-commerce applications, where financial transactions are involved.

What is payment gateway?

  • A payment gateway is a software service
  • It is core part of an e-commerce application
  • This software service helps to authorizes credit card or direct payments processing
  • It can be used for any kind of business(e-commerce, online retailers, traditional business
  • It facilitates seamless experience of online payment transaction(With great security)

Payment gateway Architecture?

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What is Payment Gateway Testing?

  • As part of testing we have to ensure transaction is fully secured
  • By encrypting the customer information/financial information
  • Seamless user experience

Payment gateway Testing Types

Functional Testing

  • It verifies functional perspective
  • Verify Languages used
  • Verify Currency used
  • Payment methods(credit, debit, net banking, upi)
  • Payments, refunds, disputes ,chargebacks

Integration Testing

  • This testing we do to validate the integration between e-commerce website with the payment gateway
  • This testing also ensure payment gateway transactions are connected to the right bank
  • Transaction from customer account to merchant account

Performance Testing

  • Testing involves checking the transactions by huge volume, stress, loading
  • Can it take up multiple transaction across multiple payment options

Security Testing

Checking for Secured transactions(vulnerable for attacks? , encryption, secured all personal and bank information)

Payment gateway Test Scenarios

  • Validate to ensure the customer and bank information transferred to gateway more of secured (HTTPs) channel.
  • Validate for encrypted options/fraud prevention options
  • Validate all the mandatory fields
  • Validate all the credit card/debit/digital wallet/UPI numbers, expiry dates and CVV number both positive and negative
  • Validate all the currency supports
  • Validate the payment operation during session expired/Copy paste URL/Browser Back/Refresh and so on
  • Validate the language supported
  • Validated with all kinds of internet connections/disconnect internet during transaction and see the final results
  • Validate for the email/sms responses for all successful and unsuccessful transactions
  • Validate receipts/invoice can be downloadable for successful ones
  • Validate the entries in the databases (for the reflections)
  • Validate for all the error codes as per design scenarios

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