Software Testing MCQ

By | December 19, 2021
software testing mcq

1.Which one is functional testing?

1. Security testing

2. Usability testing

3. Performance testing

4. Boundary value analysis

ANS : 4.Boundary value analysis

2.What types of errors cannot be identified during black box testing?

1. Logic errors

2. Typographical errors

3. Behavioral errors

4. Both Logic & Typographical

Ans – 1.Logic Errors

3.Below testing is not part of  White box technique?

1. Path testing

2. Data flow testing

3. Statement testing

4. State transition testing

Ans : 4. State Transition Testing – Which is Blackbox Testing

4.Which of the following is not a white box testing technique?

1.Branch testing

2.Path testing

3.Requirements testing

4.Penetration testing

Answer – 3.Requirement Testing

 5.Testing which we do by going through the code ?

1. Unit Testing

2. Blackbox testing

3. White box Testing

4. None of above

Ans : 3.White Box Testing

6.The planning deliverable for unit testing, system testing, and acceptance testing is called?

1. A test plan

2. A development plan

3. Software Plan

4. None of above

Ans : 1 Test plan

7.Testing without planning or documentation?

1. Unit testing

2. Adhoc testing

3. Regression testing

4. None of above

Ans : 2 Adhoc Testing

8.Stop Testing when ____________ .

1. the all issues are fixed

2. all the planned tests run

3.the risks are resolved

4.All of the above

Ans : 4 All of the above

9.Following is not the test deliverables

1.Test Case

2.Requirements Traceability Matrix [RTM]

3.Test strategy

4.Project Closure

Ans : 4 Project Closure

10.Not the SDLC phase?




4.Testing closure

Ans – 4 Testing Closure

11.Which one is not a part of STLC ?

1.Test Design

2.Testing closure

3.Testing Planning

4.Requirement Gathering

Ans – Requirement Gathering

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