Ten tips to facilitate a sprint retrospective meeting.

By | August 25, 2021

Here are the 10 tips you must try to follow for the effective sprint retrospective meetings

  1. Open and honest: the person must always be transparent and honest as possible.
  2. Mandatory meeting: the meeting must be kept mandatory as it is important to take others views and opinions.
  3. Keep meeting flow or agenda: The agenda for a given meeting is important as it gives a standardized approach on the main criteria working for and saves a lot of time.
  4. Engaging the team: Everyone in the team must be included appropriately by taking their opinions and by maintaining a good rapport.
  5. Focus on issue not an individual: When met with the problem, the meeting must focus on the issue that has emerged, rather than discussing the fault of a particular individual.
  6. Take inputs from everyone:  only if Inputs are got from different individuals, ideas can be brainstormed and can easily come up with solutions.
  7. Must be a good listener: the person must keenly listen to each and every member in the meeting and must get inputs from them
  8. Documenting: All the points raised in the meeting must be well documented and reports are to be maintained for further use
  9. To the point: Every point discussed in the meeting must be to the point and must not get diluted
  10. Action items: All the points gathered must be turned into actions effectively as it gives a road map to the team.

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