8 tips to implement in scalable test automation framework

By | June 6, 2021

If you are struggling to develop the test automation framework that can scalable over the period, then you are in the right place where I have listed the 8 tips which you can adopt to make your automation framework scalable!

Follow the best coding practice

Codes that are easy to build and maintain is chosen over complicated codes.

Test code review

For specific functionality, code is validated and also the reusability of the code is checked. Codes that are reusable are used and standard code structure is to be maintained.

Keep cleanest coding approach

After the code is written the code must be able to rewrite and must also be able to clear the data or undo coding.

Proper documentation

The coding framework has to be documented such that it will be useful while handing over the coding to another programmer.

The application must be neutral in its automation framework

Features such as tools, libraries must be loosely coupled to be used across other applications

Structure test data

Proper structure is maintained in order for proper phase in future

Reusable and maintenance code functions

The codes must be able to use again in future and the function codes must be maintained.

Centralization of test scripts

For easy scaling of automation framework test scripts must be centralized.

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