Mobile app testing types

By | June 6, 2021

Here are the most different types of testing which during any mobile app testing.

mobile apps testing types

Installation testing.

Right from the playstore or IOS, the app must be able to download without any issue. Also the installation and un-installation of the app must smoothly be possible.

Auto upgrades possibility testing.

The app must have the feature to upgrade automatically without an issue.

Functional testing

The functions of the app are tested, to check if all the features are available or not.

Usability test

Irrespective of the screen size the app must operate effectively. User interface must be user friendly.

Mobile compatibility testing

The app must be able to work in mobile platforms quite well.

Network checking

The network bandwidth is checked for various network conditions and must ensure its proper working in every other bandwidth conditions.

Security Test

The app is tested if it asks for access of personal information or not. Since the privacy policy has to be maintained the app must not be accessing personal information of the customers.

Localization Test

Since the app can be used worldwide, it’s checked for its availability in other countries and also language set up features for foreign country users.

Battery testing

The consumption of battery by the software is checked and it is moderated.

And the performance of the app while the charge is fully drained is also checked as some app might perform differently when the charge goes off.

Memory consumption test

The memory taken up by the app is analyzed and the leakage is also tested in case of heavy memory consumption.

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