Benefits of Artificial intelligence in software testing

By | June 4, 2021

In this post I all be writing the benefits of AI in software testing. Here are the some of the benefits listed below

  • To accelerate the testing
    • Artificial Intelligence does the work fast therefore helps to accelerate the test.
  • Reduces the test overheads
    • A.I uses various automated tools hence bigger automation thereby reducing the overheads.
  • Error free software
    • A.I ensures there are no errors in testing unlike the manually done tests.
  • Faster to market
    • Since the overall time consumed in the test is less due to A.I technology the product reaches the market very quickly.
  • It helps in using exploratory testing since it is adoptable in A.I
  • Optimizes the tests
    • It brings a lot of data validation that is helpful to cut down the tests
  • Increased test coverage.
    • Many tests are covered shortly by the use of A.I in testing.
  • Enhanced test automation
    • A.I makes use of analysis, trends and also self learning.
  • Defect analysis
    • A.I manages to detect defects far more efficiently then while done manually.
  • Predicting the right regression
    • A.I testing checks history, analyze the work and gives a detailed report.

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