e-commerce search functionality test scenarios

By | August 28, 2021

If you are working on ecommerce applications or online store like amazon or flipkart , then search functionality is the key feature to be tested. In this post I have given the detailed view on the various test scenarios or test cases which we can write to ensure search functionality works or not

What is Search Functionality?

search functionality
  • It is feature to find the value from the different lists or from database
  • If we are able to find the search results then it success, otherwise it is unsuccessful

Search Bar Placement Test Scenarios

  • Verify the search box placement
  • Verify the search box Fonts
  • Verify the search box Size
  • Verify the search box Colors
  • Verify the search box Theme
  • Verify the search box Alignment

Search Bar Functional Validation Test Scenarios

  • Do not Enter search keyword and click on search button
  • Maintaining the keyword history for the previously searched keywords
  • Search Result Web page Title should have searched keyword
  • Verify the Search results are relevant(best results) only
  • Search results are paginated if the results are more than 1 page
  • Order of the search results (most recent or most relevant)
  • Verify further queries in the search result page
  • Verify for the invalid keyword search, Special characters, Space, CASE(upper/lower case) keywords
  • Verify for the multi language Support 
  • Verify for the Logical keywords along with the search keywords such as AND, OR, < , > etc..
  • Verify for the Search API functional is down and check for the search functionality
  • Verify the search result that should contain one link and few lines containing the searched keyword.
  • Verify the search results page should have sorting mechanism
  • Verify by refreshing/navigating back/forward and see search results

Search Bar – Non Functional Test Scenarios

  • Verify Search provides the security features such as SQL injection
  • Verify search results performance parameters such as response time with high number of searches and users, monitoring with various load, stress etc.
  • Verify for search indexing that helps on performance factors
  • Verify that should work across different operating system browsers, mobile devices and its browsers seamlessly

Search Suggestions or Auto Complete Test Scenarios

  • Verify the Search Suggestions (Auto complete feature)
  • Verify the auto-complete for the relevant keywords are getting in the search bar
  • Verify for typo corrections for the search query

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