Functional testing vs Integration testing

By | May 1, 2023

In this post I will writing about key differences of Functional testing vs integration testing

Sr NoFunctional TestingIntegration Testing
1Verifies that the software application meets functional requirements as a whole from end-user perspective.Verifies that the software application components work together as expected.
Tests the interactions between different components of the software.
2This testing verifies whether the software behaves as expected under different conditions.This testing verifies whether the software can integrate with other software or systems.
3Examples of functional testing include system testing, acceptance testing, and user acceptance testing.Examples of integration testing include top-down testing, bottom-up testing, and big bang testing
4It helps to improve the user experience of the software applicationIt helps to identify compatibility issues with other software applications or software systems.
5To Execute these tests does not require knowledge of the underlying technology or software stackTo Execute these tests requires knowledge of the underlying technology or software stack.
6These Tests Emphasizes on what the software should do.These Tests emphasizes on how the software works with other components.
7Performed by a dedicated testers.Performed by developers and testers.

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