Test Scenarios for ATM machine

By | May 1, 2023

In this post I will be coming up with the test scenarios for popular ATM machine which we use in our day to day normal life

Test scenario #Action (Verify that the ATM machine)Expected
1 Can it dispense cash in the desired denominations such as 100,200, 500, 2000 rupee notes(as per local currency needs) It should dispense the desired denominations notes
2Can it accept cash deposits and post depositing, and ensure that amount is credited appropriately into the accountIt should update the accounts appropriately post performing the operation such as cash deposit or cheque deposit
3Can it print receipts for the transactions requested to print the receiptIt should work appropriately when print operation requested
4Can it read various types of cards such as magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards, contactless cards?ATM should be able to operate with different kinds of cards as designed or as per requirements
5Can it accept valid ATM PIN and Invalid PIN entries during authentication?ATM provide the access when we enter right PIN if we enter wrong PIN it should give appropriate errors and login should be denied
6Can ATM can handle the situation with invalid denominations for cash deposits, invalid checks during check deposits, invalid account numbers , invalid transaction amounts.ATM should display or throw appropriate error messages during the invalid scenarios
7Can ATM handle jammed cash or check deposits, damaged or worn cards.ATM should display or throw appropriate error messages during the invalid scenarios
8Can ATM handle low account balances , with insufficient funds, with daily withdrawal limits scenariosATM should be able to handle different account scenarios and appropriately should disperse
9Can ATM can handle the scenarios with account suspensions or freezes or unauthorized access attempts.ATM should be able to handle different situations such as suspensions or account freeze or unauthorized access attempts
10Can ATM can handle hardware failures, such as a broken dispenser or printer issues etcATM should be able to handle the hardware problems gracefully and provide the appropriate error messages to the end users
11Can ATM can handle with software bugs or errors , network connectivity issues.ATM should handle gracefully when abnormal software issues or network connectivity issues
12Can ATM can handle different time zones for internal transactions and as well multiple language support.ATM should be able handle time zone scenarios and multiple language supports
13Can ATM machine can handle security breaches situations.It should be able to handle critical security breaches scenarios (card skimming or cloning attempts)

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