High paying software jobs in 2021

By | June 15, 2021

If you are looking for the greatest growth in your software career and as well earning highest money then you must always work on the trending areas where you get both career growth as well high paying jobs. Here are the few jobs which are very high paying jobs which you can look into it. I have provided the job descriptions as well

High paying software jobs in 2021

Product manager

  • Defines the project strategy and vision
  • Own completely right from product inception to launch
  • Has expertise in product life management
  • Well versed in product tools such as JIRA

AI Engineer

  • Develops AI
  • Expertise in statistics and mathematics
  • Has got programming skills like Python
  • Well versed in AI technologies such as Machine learning, neural networks and deep learning.

Full stack development

  • Well versed in designs and coding
  • Expertise in technologies such as MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and node.js
  • Web/mobile development
  • Database technologies

Cloud specialists

  • Expertise in cloud application architecture
  • Hands on Amazon web services and Azure
  • Good communication skills
  • Develops cloud strategy, implement and deploying it

DevOps Engineer

  • Coding and scripting
  • DevOps concepts
  • Tools such as GIT and Jenkins
  • Linux or Unix administration
  • Shell scripts such as Python/Ruby

Block chain developer

  • Developing and implementing using block chain technology.
  • Solid programming skills
  • Well versed in security protocol stacks
  • Knowledgeable in crypto libraries and functions

Software architect

  • Understanding of the software architecture
  • Identify a customer’s requirements
  • Hands on work to develop prototypes
  • Data modelling
  • Good programming skills
  • Strong analytical skills

Big data Engineer

  • Handling capacity of large scale project development/deployment
  • Well versed in Hadoop, spark, NoSQL and data warehousing technologies
  • Programming skills
  • Data visualization skills

IOT solution architects

  • Strategy development and deployment of IoT solutions
  • Understanding in machine learning, hardware design and architecture.
  • Develop IOT solution framework, Architecture requirements.

Data scientist

  • Expert in analyzing and interpreting the complex data
  • Expert in machine learning algorithms
  • Can create data models
  • Can code in languages like Python, R, SAS and other tools

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