How to reproduce a non-reproducible defects (12 ways)

By | April 30, 2023

In this post I will be writing on the defects that are not able to reproduce very easily. I have listed 50 different ways we can try to reproduce the defects which are not-reproducible

  1. Request end users or customers to provide additional information about the defect which they logged.
  2. Testers will have to check the application system logs for any errors or warnings that can get clues about the issues.
  3. Testers will try to reproduce the defects just by following the steps mentioned in the defect
  4. Testers required to change the few configuration/network settings that help to trigger the defect.
  5. Testers to use similar past experience to replicate defects
  6. Testers to try to reproduce the defect on a different OS, Browser combination
  7. As other testers to test based on their experience to reproduce the defect
  8. Tester to reproduce the defect using different data inputs.
  9. Testers to try various external factors that may be causing the defect.
  10. Testers to try to reproduce the defect using different user roles.
  11. Testers to look for any issues with the system’s integrations with other systems.
  12. Testers to check for defects the application database systems.

Some of the above few examples, ways to reproduce the defects

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