Test Scenarios Vs Test Cases in Software Testing

By | April 30, 2023

In this post I have provided you the 10 key differences between Test Scenarios Vs Test Cases in Software Testing

Sr NoTest ScenariosTest Cases
1It defines the high-level functionality to be testedIt defines the specific test conditions
2It is written in simple and natural languageIt is more of structure oriented with detailed steps
3Describes the end to end functionality(e2e)focus on individual functionality or modules
4Usually written by business analystWritten by Testers
5Focused on the user experience (user behavior)Focused on technical aspects.
6Helps in identifying the scope of testingHelps in verifying the actual results
7More strategicMore tactical
8Used for risk-based testingUsed for functional testing
9Used for high-level reviewsUsed for detailed -level reviews
10Created during the requirement analysis phaseCreated during the test design phase.

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