Key things to know before starting the mobile application testing

By | June 6, 2021

If you are looking to start the mobile app testing project and do know how to start and what all the things which you should take care before starting then you are in the right place Here are I have listed the best tips that if you adopt will in your mobile app testing

checklist for mobile app testing

Possible end users of the app.

The demands of the end users have to be met. It is very necessary to understand the need customers before starting the process and align the objectives with the users demand.

Expectations from the app by the end users.

Customers might have certain functions or features that they are seeking through the app therefore its necessary to meet their expectation.

What are the requirements  implemented in the app

It is very important to outline the requirements that are going to be available in the app. This way there will a clear idea on what all requirements are being implemented in the app.

Usability of the app

The app must be seamless throughout. Any type of users whether android or IOS users must be able to operate this app effortlessly.

Reliability and robustness of the app

The app is tested for its reliability, on what all features we can rely it for and its robustness.

Performance requirements of the app is tested

The app is checked to make sure it does not crash while running and if there is smooth performance overall.

Look and feel of the app

Look and feel of the app must be appealing as well must be easy to navigate through the app.

Free from network issue

Users might be using different networks hence its crucial to check with different types of network if the app is working properly under every network situations.

Types of devices being used by end users

The app must be supportable in every devices used by the customers if not the problem must be rectified based on the demographic trend.

The hard ware being accessed by the app is tested

What all hardware is being used by the app is checked and tested.

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