Software Testing(Manual + Automation) Live Projects

By | April 26, 2023

In this post, if you are looking for the live projects to learn the manual and automation software testing then you are in right place.

I can suggest some of the live projects which you can use to learn manual testing concepts

1.E-commerce Websites

You can use the e-commerce websites as good options for manual testing practice. Using these e-commerce websites(amazon, flipkart etc) to learn the features testing such as

  • Product search,
  • Cart management,
  • Payment gateways,
  • Order management,
  • Shipping
  • Delivery

2.Social media platforms

You can use social media platform(facebook, youtube, instagram, linkedin) features to learn features like

  • User registration
  • Profile management
  • Friend requests
  • Messaging
  • Posts,
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

3.Mobile Apps

You can also use some of the mobile apps such as Ola, Uber and so to test features like

  • user interface
  • user experience
  • navigation
  • functionality
  • device compatibility
  • performance
  • security

4.Bank Applications

You can use some of your banking applications of both savings account or credit card accounts(Citi, Axis, ICICI ) to access the banking features learn the concepts manually such as

  • account opening
  • transaction processing
  • online banking
  • ATM services
  • mobile banking
  • security

5.Health and Fitness Application

If you are looking to learn the features in the field of fitness then you can download or use some of the health and fitness apps to learn the features such as

  • user registration
  • fitness tracking
  • workout planning
  • diet management,
  • wearable device integration

These are just a few examples of live projects that can be used for manual testing practice. based on your requirements , skills and interest choose the appropriate applications to learn the manual testing concepts

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