Software testing vs Software Development? Which is better?

By | September 14, 2021

Career Growth in Software Testing and Development Field

For Developers

  • Software developers
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Module lead/Team lead/Project lead
  • Architect/Project manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • and so on

For Testers

  • Software Tester
  • Senior Software Test
  • Test Lead
  • Test Architect/Test Manager
  • Senior Test Manager
  • and so on

Salary : Software Tester Vs Developer

Average Developer Salaries in Top notch companies

Source : Glassdoor

Average Tester Salaries in Top notch companies

Source : Glassdoor

Agile Development

  • Both Developer/Tester To Work Together
  • Testers Will have overall domain knowledge
  • Tester Responsible for Highlighting the lack of quality
  • Developers to concentrate on their module/features

Selecting Development or Testing as Career

  • Check your ability
  • Good at fixing issues/finding go for development.
  • Good at identifying/debug issues go for software testing
  • Each Requires different skill set

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