Top 10 IT jobs without coding experience

By | September 4, 2021

In this Post I have listed the top 10 IT Jobs that you can get even without having any coding or programming skills

1.Business Analyst(BA Role)

Business Analyst(BA Role)
  • Acts as a Bridge Between Management/Client and Technical Team
  • Defining business requirements and reporting them back to stakeholders in more elaborated manner
  • Support the implementation team

2.Technical Support Engineers

Technical Support Engineers
  • Perform research about the issue
  • Diagnose/troubleshoot/resolve issue
  • You will be required have understanding on the functional side of various systems, software, and hardware
  • Learn standard operating procedures to escalate unresolved issues to appropriate team

3.UX designer

UX designer
  • Responsible for the look and feel of the website/app
  • User experience designing from end user perspective
  • All the time think like customer for easy usage as per the UX guidelines

4.Manual Tester

Manual Tester
  • Main job to test the application
  • Find the issues
  • Retest it
  • Reporting it

5.System administrator

System administrator

Good understanding on the operating systems, computer networks, databases

6.Data analyst

Data analyst
  • Verify the information using various tools
  • Inform the stakeholders
  • Provide the recommendations
  • Expose to work on the large databases

7.Graphic designer

Graphic designer

Create images/visuals such as logos, banners, web pages and ads.

8.SAP consultant Functional

SAP consultant Functional
  • Driving business meetings
  • Develop business  documents
  • Communicating requirements to the technical consultants
  • Configure the SAP system to run as per the client’s requirements

9.Information architects

Information architects
  • Part of user experience Team
  • Order and presentation the information on websites, programs and applications
  • Create the structure of information using usability tests, market research and behavioral trends

10.Content marketing manager

Content marketing manager
  • Online content including emails, company websites , company social media ads
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Develop the effective content strategies
  • Oversee graphic designers, copywriters and editors

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