Test plan in Software Testing Explained in detail

By | July 27, 2021

The purpose of the test plan is put the planning activities that we perform across the testing project in the document format, so that it can get it reviewed with the various project stakeholder to get the sign off on planned activities which we performed.

In this post I have explained the what are the different section in the test plan and what it covers in those sections


Here the purpose of the document is written and a brief introduction about software testing it could be It involves unit, functional, non-functional and acceptance testing.

Testing section

Tests Risk/ Issues

In this section we clearly define the what are the risks and issues we anticipate along with detailed mitigation plan to mitigating it

Items to be tested and not tested.

Test Approach

In this section we define what approach we take for each different types of testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability

Testing Regularity Criteria

In this section we clearly define any regularity complaint must follow according to regulatory norms.

Test Pass/Fail Criteria

We define what is the test pass or fail criteria for each tests which we execute

Test Entry, Test Exit Criteria

In this section we clearly define for each phase of testing what is the Entry and Exit Criteria which agreed with the all the stakeholders for the given software project

Test Deliverables

In this section we clearly define what are the various test deliverables needs to be created and maintained by the testing team such as

  • Test Cases
  • Test Results
  • Test Execution Results
  • Test Plan
  • Review Documents
  • Test Closure

Test Suspension/Resumption Criteria

In this section define the clearly the criteria when you want to stop testing or resume the testing

Test Environment

In this section we clearly define the test environment requirement and architecture of the application along with the hardware and software requirement for performing testing

Staffing Needs

In this section we clearly define the resource required to execute the testing project with clearly roles and responsibilities

Training needs

In this section we need to clearly document what training required bridge the skill gaps to perform the testing

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