White box testing in software testing with examples

By | July 27, 2021

White box Testing is also called as glass box testing or clear box testing.

It is a testing technique that will examine the program given and derives the test data based on the program given.

For example consider a calculator,

if we program it like;

a×b=c then

2×3=6 where a =2, b=3 and c=6.

In order to perform the whitebox testing, tester should know the programming skills

Using Whitebox testing we do perform different types of coverage as below

  • Branch coverage: tests that involve if else function those are examples of branch codes and white box testing covers it.
  • Conditional coverage: the code that involves conditions is covered in white box testing.
  •  Data flowing testing: how data flows from one stage to another using debugging skills.
  • Path testing: It validates all paths giving different combination of data testing is done.
  • Loop testing: The program that involves while or if loops it tests that perfectly.

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