What is penetration testing? or Pen or Ethical hacking?

By | July 19, 2021

In this post we discuss what is all about penetration testing/pen testing/ethical hacking

What is Penetration Testing

  • It tests for the security vulnerabilities in web based applications, networks and systems.
  • Here the testers get legal salary to hack ethically.
  • Here the main role is to simulate the real time attacks on the web applications such that one can predict how the real hackers might hack the system.
  • The simulation will help the organization to fix the security loop holes.

Roles and responsibilities of penetration testers

Penetration testers roles and responsibilities are as below

  • The main job is to find the loop holes in the web and fix it.
  • Must be able to perform physical security assessments.
  • One must develop own tests and tools for hacking.
  • One must identify all the vulnerable areas in the web.
  • The person must ethically hack the vulnerable areas.
  • Use various methods such as social engineering to uncover security holes.
  • Must build the security test strategy by looking all aspects.
  • Regularly it must be checked and the reports have to be maintained and discussed with the management.
  • Retesting must be done when the issue is fixed by the team and the proper feedbacks must be given.

Key Skills required for performing penetration testing

  • The person must have the knowledge about all the operating systems such as windows, UNIX and Linux.
  • Must have programming skills.
  • Must have good understanding of the computer systems and its tools.
  • One must be well informed about the web and mobile applications.
  • The person must be skilled with vulnerability analysis and reverse engineering.
  • Also have a good grip in cryptography principles and forensics.

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