Challenges faced by the testers in the new age of post covid conditions

By | July 19, 2021

There are various challenges faced by the software tester during testing the software. Here are the some of the challenging areas which tests face post covid due to changes in the technology such as cloud platform usages, AI and tools

Customer experience

The software must feel the same despite of the change in the platform used due to COVID situation. Must ensure right synchronization across the all the platform. And also must able to occupy large volume of data.

Aware and vigilant on regulations

The tester must ensure that the user’s data is protected and must also have enough knowledge in regulatory requirements such as European GDPR etc.

Adoption of machine learning /artificial intelligence

Test data is critical therefore the testing tools must be automated with the help of AI. Testers must always keep the new trends updated and learn new skills accordingly

Effective test data management

Managing huge amounts of data from industries such as fintech, insurance industry and other industries is challenging but must ensure that it is well maintained.

Choosing the right tools

Right mix of tools and frameworks must be chosen to do the testing.

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