5 Tips to Create Good Quality Testcases

By | July 26, 2021

Here are the some of the tips to be followed

  • Write test cases in simple manner that is easy to understand. The language used for test case must be very easy to comprehend.
  • While writing the test case one must keep the clients in mind as it is for them the product is being made, so always the end user’s requirements must be in mind
  • The test cases used must be reusable. Reusable tests are can be used in another modules hence while writing the test cases we must keep the reusability aspect in mind.
  • It is always necessary to review the test cases written with the peer group consisting of the lead or functional expertise such that if any changes are to be made they can suggest you. Their feedbacks are valuable for creating better test cases.
  • While writing the test cases it is important to keep in mind to provide all the minor details such that even at times if you are unavailable the person who is replacing you must be able to follow the test cases without an issue.

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