Big Data Testing Issues or Challenges

By | July 19, 2021

In this post I have given various issues or challenges which come across during big data testing executions

  • Since it has huge data it requires different platforms to be tested.
  • It requires people with good expertise since it involves automation.
  • Visualization: it leads to VM latency hence will be slow.
  • It requires diverse tools therefore high technology is needed.
  • It has no specific tools for end to end.
  • It involves complex requirements therefore many test cases and test scenarios will be needed.
  • It requires special test environment, due to enormous data size.
  • The monitoring solution availability is limited to monitor the data movement.
  • There will be security gaps and negligence since huge amount of data cannot be easily maintained and protected.
  • There must be a coordination team with high expertise.
  • Emotions in data are difficult to handle. For example like and dislike options in apps and also other emotional quotients and patterns are difficult to handle in big data.

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