Ten tips for successful API testing

By | July 19, 2021

In this Post I have written on some of the tips which you should adapt while to execute successfully the API testing

  1. All the requirements must be gathered for API testing.
  2. Must know the expected outcome for the API tests.
  3. Bottom up approach: must pick small API and start building to bigger tests.
  4. API automation tools: to do the work manually is tedious hence must opt for API automation to speed up the activities.
  5. Use testing techniques to generate the tests: Like positive and negative tests, boundary conditions and other relevant techniques must be used.
  6. Maintain the test categorically: based on the features or module wise.
  7. Adapt functional testing
  8. Adapt non functional testing like performance and security testing.
  9. Define entry and exit criteria: the start of the test and the time to stop must be defined.
  10. API tests must be run on a daily basis.

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