I have best certification but not getting jobs!?

By | September 2, 2021

This is the common questions I was getting during my interactions and my YouTube channel comments

In this video I am trying the answer this question

Certification in IT field

In the software industry there are 100’s of certification across various fields, just by doing the certification will I get the job? or what else I should do so that I can get the job by use these certifications

Is certification are useless?

Definitely by doing the certification will be useful for software professions and It gives the few benefits as well as below

  • Gain Knowledge
  • Competitive Edge over others
  • Credibility
Why I am not getting job even with these many certifications?

Then Why I am not getting the job?

Just doing the certification will not bring any value addition to you, only when you incorporate or adopt those learnings on your day to day activities in the job

As you adapt on regular basis the learnings you will the benefits over the period

What should I change after get the certification

Then What should I do to Get the Job?

You should not just list the Skills or Certificate. You should write the outcome or benefits which you have received out of these certificates after using its knowledge. How it solved the various problems etc.

Until you are not able to articulate the return of investment for these certificate will be useless.

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