Is Software Testing Good Career? Related Questions?

By | July 21, 2021

In this post I have written the common questions or queries which people get related to software testing career.

software testing career related questions
software testing career related questions

Is software testing a good career option compared to software development?

Even though a developer manufactures a product unless it is been tested by a tester the product is of no use hence the quality check of the product by the software tester is very vital and hence the job software testing is also very crucial.

Is the software tester job evergreen?

This career will persist as long as development of the product is there. One must evolve according to the new trends, and then he or she can keep up with the new trends in the market and can survive in this field for a long time.

Does the person in this field receive good salary?

The salary scale depends on various factors such as experience, expertise in automation, the position at which one is working and among others.

Are there chances to learn new things everyday in this field?

Software testing is not a monotonous job, everyday comes with new challenges and projects and hence provide a chance for learning new skills every other day.

Can this job allow switching to another role?

Yes, this job definitely allows switching to different software testing roles for example a scrum master can switch to product manager role and vice versa.

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