Test closure report in software testing

By | July 26, 2021

This document is prepared during the end of release to give information on testing activity. It consists of the following reports.

General information

System or program i.d/acronymTest projectCreation dateDate

Revision history

The test manager will maintain this information and provide updates as required.

Revision dateAuthorSectionSummary

Test summary overview

In this section we have update the phase wise test activities and summary.

Test cycle no:#test planned#test executed#test passedPass percentage#test failedFail percentage
Unit testing      
Integration testing      
System testing      
Acceptance testing      

Here it is clearly documented where the test results really met, the go/no go with respect to exit criteria defined in the test plan.

  • Defect data analysis.
  • Defect data metrics

Here the data is categorized into their level of priority and the status.

Outstanding issue

Defect i.dDescriptionSeverity/impactAction plan

Here the defect is described and an action plan to rectify it is mentioned.

Change requests

If any change request details are there it has been mentioned here.

Exit criteria status

The project will be adhering to the exit criteria listed here as the main criteria in the go/no go and stage exit decisions.

Exit criteriaCriteria met Yes/noIf no, describe plan of action
All tests have been successfully executed.  
All expected and actual results are captured and documented with test script(s)  
All identified critical or high severity defects have been corrected and retested.  
Any unresolved defects are documented and signed off by the project manager.  
Pass Rate.  

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