Appium Mobile App Automation Tool

By | July 26, 2021

In this Post I have written complete details about Appium mobile automation tool which is widely used in mobile app testing market, let us try to understand more details about it now

What is Appium Automation Tool

  • It is an open source automation framework.
  • It offers great scalability and flexibility.
  • It is a top automation tool, where 35-40% market share is acquired by Appium.
  • It supports different platforms like android, iOS and windows.
  • It supports both automate native mobile web apps and hybrid apps.
  • It is a cross platform testing framework that helps to write test in one platform and reuse it in another platform.
  • Appium supports various scripting languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.
  • It supports both real devices and emulators

Architecture of Appium framework

Web driver: Here the requests are sent to run the automation to execute the user interface elements. It is also known as the client. Works in the context of session and can be initiated as a driver script using Java, JavaScript.

Appium server: It is run through the node JS. Appium server sends the JSON object request to mobile using JSON post /session request.

Connected devices: All three types of devices are connected and it uses UI automated framework for automating android and XCUIT for Apple iOS.

Advantages of Appium:

a) Open source

Due the reason Appium is an open-source framework, It is free to use and users can contribute to it as well

b) Cross-platform support

This support helps in Writing Scripts for one platform and can execute the scripts in multiple platforms of both Android and iOS Appium

c) Native and hybrid app testing

This is the great benefits of Appium, using Appium we can test all different of mobile apps which are developed on native, hybrid applications

Limitations or disadvantages of using Appium

a) Limited support for advanced gestures

Because it is open source we get the limited support

b) Slow performance

Overall Appium’s performance is slow when compared to other commercial testing tools

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