What are the different types of test to be done in mobile testing?

By | July 26, 2021
  • Installation and uninstallation tests. While installing and uninstalling the app the working of the app is checked.
  • Data network condition is checked in this type of test.
  • Offline test, the working of the app while the mobile completely goes off is checked.
  • Battery consumption test, how much battery is getting used is checked while the app is being run on the mobile.
  • Screen orientation test, there is vertical and horizontal orientation of screen so how the app works in different orientations are checked.
  • Location services, the working of the app while location services like GPS is being used.
  • Performance testing, the way the app behaves while particular load or stress being applied is checked.
  • Security, how safe the app is in case of data protection and personal information privacy.

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