UAT Testing Interview Questions and Answers

By | August 3, 2021

In what way UAT Testing differ from other testing?

UAT must be conducted by End User or Client Team

What is the basis for UAT Testing?

  • User needs
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Business processes

Important reasons for Business users to carry out UAT?

  • Mandatory to go through UAT for any application/product to avoid risks
  • Business users has great ability to use the application or software implemented to use as a tool to achieve business benefit is critical to success
  • Business users has great system knowledge where they will be able to identify system behaviors which one is normal and abnormal for day to day operations

What questions would you ask if were asked to carry out UAT testing on software implementation

AS UAT Specialist you should start with below basic questions to take control on UAT testing

  • What is the overall goal of the project?
  • Who are the stakeholders in the project?
  • Current phase/progress of Development ?
  • Tentative date when UAT to start?
  • What is the development methodology used (Agile/Waterfall)
  • What is the Acceptance of the criteria for the project as per contract
  • What are the various inputs or contributions of the stakeholders made into the project?
  • Validating the requirements is as per the current business needs

Can we do UAT testing in parallel with Development work due to delay in the development?

  • Running UAT in parallel with development work is purely waste of time and efforts as things will be changing day to day basis
  • Clear Entry and Exit Criteria needs to be defined and not to deviate from it

Why Can’t testers itself does the UAT as they are expert in testing process and techniques

Main purpose of UAT

  • Business Expertise to test the application using the process being used in day to day end users work.
  • Business users also will have expertise how the new system will work
  • End users will also have experience in performing UAT and recreating the issues faced by end users while performing the testing
  • End users will have experience on how to use the system

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